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*TS1262.01.25 - 25 January, 1262, Anagni. - Urban IV repeats the ordinance of Alexander IV that the restrictions of the exemption for those who are regularly exempt are not valid for the Templars. (NLM, Arch. 1128 [olim 1121], copy in register, Bullarium rubeum, fol. 168r / Catalogue of the Records, VII, 115 / Prutz, Malteser Urkunden, no. 311, pp. 68)

*TS1262.02.06 - 6 February 1262, Viterbo. - Pope Urban IV repeats the mandate of his predecessors according to which the bishops shall react with ecclesiastical censures against those parsons who beat or rob servants of the Templars without giving the compensation which was demanded. (NLM, Arch. 7, 7 / Prutz, Malteser Urkunden, pp. 27, 68-69)

TS1262.03.22 - 22 März 1262, apud Ortam. - Manfred King of Sicily to the counts, barons, prelates and all officials in the kingdom: orders not to molest brother Albertus de Cannella master of the houses of the Templars in the kingdom, the brethren or the houses of the order, they should rather support them. If there are any demands against them, they should appeal at his court. Datum per Goffridum de Cusantia. ( Regesta Imperii, V, 1, 2, no. 4734)

TS1262.05.27 - 27 May, 1262, s.l. - Thomas Berard and Hugues Revel, masters of the Templars and Hospitallers, Thomas Bishop of Bethlehem and papal legate, Hartmann von Heldrungen, grand commander of the Teutonic Knights, Geoffroy de Sarzines, senescal of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, Guillaume lord of Botron and connetable of the Kingdom, act as arbitrators in the conflicts between the orders. (Röhricht, 1317c / Delaville, Cartulaire, iii, 3026, p. 30)

TS1262.05.29 - 29 May, 1262, s.l. - The arbitrators make their decisions known. (Röhricht, 1317d / Delaville, Cartulaire, iii, 3027, p. 30)

*1262.05.31 - 31 May, 1262, Acre. - Thomas Bérard Master of the Templars confirms the agreement with the Master of the Hospitallers Hugues Revel concerning certain goods in Cabor, Caymont, La Fève, and Datmor, executing the judgement from an arbitration. (NLM, Arch. 18, 2, original. / Röhricht, 1318 / Delaville, Cartulaire, iii, 3028, pp. 30-31)

*TS1262.05.31.a - 31 May, 1262, Acre. - Master Thomas Bérard and the convent of the Templars confirm the compromise reached in their conflict with the Hospitallers concerning the orders' properties in and around Valenia, Margat, Sayette and Carfaset. (NLM, Arch. 18, 3, original. / Prutz, Malteser Urkunden, no. 315, pp. 70-72 / Röhricht, 1319 / Delaville, Cartulaire, iii, 3029, pp. 31-33)

TS1262.07.09 - 9 July, 1262, s.l. - Thomas [de Lentino] bishop of Bethlehem and other arbitrators decide on the question of the mills of Oc and Ricordaine omittet in the earlier compromise so that the contract between Templars and Hospitallers can be kept. (Röhricht, 1319a / Delaville, Cartulaire, iii, 3032, p. 35)

*TS1262.12.18 - 18 [December], 1262, Acre. - Master Thomas Bérard and the convent of the Templars confirm the compromise reached with the Hospitallers concerning the casale Alma and others properties. (NLM, Arch. 18, 4, original. / Prutz, Malteser Urkunden, no. 317, pp. 72-74 / Delaville, Cartulaire, iii, 3044, pp. 57-58)

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