TS1285.02.22 - 22 February, 1285, --. - Conrad commander and all other brethren of the Templar house at Briseche sell their natural rent (fruchtzins) at Erlebach and Melindehe to the monasteries of Thron and Marienborn. (Ledebur, Tempelherren, pp. 113-14 / Günther cod. R. M. II. 454)

*TS1285.05.09 - 9 May, 1285, s.l. - The Commander of Barcelona changes the rent to be paid for a manse at Gurb.

TS1285.06.20 - 20 June, 1285, s.l. - Guglielmo di Cannellis, Templar preceptor of Sicily agrees on terms with Guglielmo di Afinatis habitator terre Sancti Petri super Pactas who is granted a piece of land in the casale of Murrum inferior to construct a mill in return for annual payment of 7 tarì and 2 grani gold.

*TS1285.10.23 - 23 October, 1285, Rome. - Pope Honorius IV declares all Templar privileges for valid, even if the Order did not use them until now out of negligence or lack of information, except privileges explicitly declared null and void.

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