TS1270.05.23 - 23 May, 1270, --. - Thiébault, King of Navarre, Count Palatinate of Champagne and Brie, confirms all feudal rights of the Templars in his territory. - In a vidimus dated September 1275. (NLM, olim no. 311, Ms. 17th c., olim bag 7 / Prutz, Malteser Urkunden, p. 24)

*TS1270.06.00 - June, 1270, apud Vallem Veridem. - Louis IX King of France to his bailliffs and vicounts in Normandy: orders to protect the Templars, their men, and their property and to leave them in peaceful possession as in the time of Phillip II, Louis VIII and during his absence on crusade.

*TS1270.06.19 - 19 July 1270, s.l. - The official of Chartres makes known that Randouin de Cornouailles and his wife Culvende have donated themselves and their properties to the Order of the Temple, according to the customs of Arville, and resigned their right of revocation. Original parchment, sealed by the official of Chartres. (Archives nationales, S. 5.003, A, no. 10 / Chartes Vendomoises, No. CCCXCVI, p. 410-11 / ed. Abbé C. Metais, in: Bulletin de la Société Archéologique du Vendômois, 1894)

*TS1270.09.12 - 12 September, 1270, Avignon. - On his deathbed, the knight Pierre de Milice makes known that he has donated his body to the Templars for burial on their cemetary at St. Gilles. Lambert, lieutenant of Roncelin provincial master of the Templars in the Provence, confirms the agreement about the sepulture. (NLM, Arch. 18, 7, orginal parchment, carta partita / Documents, ed. Delaville, pp. 39-41 / Prutz, Malteser Urkunden, pp. 25-26, 79)

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