*TS1292.04.20 - 20 April, 1292, s.l. - James of Molay, the Grandmaster of the Temple, permits the Aragonese Templars to alienate Puigreig and La Zaida. He also writes about the privileges of the Temple concerning lezda and peaje.

TS1292.08.07 - 7 August 1292, s.l. - Count (Wildgraf) Godefrid, his son Conrad and Conrad's wife Hildegarde sell to their cousin, Count (Wildgraf) Friderich, preceptor of the Templars in Germany and Slavia, and the house de Lacu, que domus vulgariter dicitur der See [Kirchheim] their properties at Kirchheim and Gernisheim. Witnesses. 1292 crastino Syxti. (Mittelrheinische Regesten, 4, No. 2053 / Ledebur, Tempelherren, p. 110 / edited Acta Pal. 1,67 / calendar Toepfer, Hunolst. Urkundenbuch, 2,81))

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