TS1252.01.05 - 5 January, 1252, --. - Gerlach von Ysenburg makes known that he ows the Templars at Hoyngen the sum of 13 m. sterling. (Ledebur, Tempelherren, p. 108 / Günther, Cod. dipl. Rheno-Mosellanus II, 257)

TS1252.05.23 - 23 May, 1252, Lyons. - Pope Innocent IV to the Master of the houses of the Templars in Lombardy: inhibits him to hand over the place and house of Murello in a sale to the citizens of Asti. (Regesta Pontificum, II,2, 14600, p. 1203)

*TS1252.10.00 - October, 1252, s.l. - Thomas Bériard Master of the Templars grants safe conduct to Tripoli for certain people to find a solution in a conflict with the Count of Tripoli. - Witnesses: frére Rocelinus de Foix [...]. (NLM, Arch. 18, 1 / Prutz, Malteser Urkunden, p. 25)

*TS1252.10.27 - 27 October, 1252, Lateran. - Innocent IV to the preceptor and brethren of the Templars in Aquitaine: frees them from any customs and dues on grain, wine, wool, wood, and other goods bought for their own supplies. (NLM, Arch. 1128 [olim 1121], copy in register, Bullarium rubeum, 176r / Catalogue of the Records, VII, 120 / Prutz, Malteser Urkunden, no. 243, p. 59)

TS1252.12.09 - 9 December, 1252, Lyons. - Pope Innocent IV to the Master and brethren of the Templars in Hungary and Slavonia: confirms to them all incomes, lands, properties, and things which they had been donated by Bela, King of Hungary, which had been revoked by the kings Andrew and Imre, but then restored after some reconsideration. (Regesta Pontificum, II,2, 14798, p. 1219)

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