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TS1240.02.09 - 9 February, 1240, Rome. - Pope Gregory IX to the Templars: allows them to wear large surcoats with the sign of the cross when in dangerous situations because their habits do not allow them the free use of their arms. (RRR, 2273 / Gregoire IX, Régistres, 3, 5058, pp. 181-82)

*TS1240.02.10. - 2 October, 1240, s.l. - Bishop Thomas I of Breslau confirms the contract between the archidiacon Boguslaus of Breslau and the Templars regarding the tenth of Brosewitz.

TS1240.04.26 - 1240 IV 26, s.l. - Hospitallers and Templars subject themselves to the arbitration of Albert Patriarch of Antiochia, papal legate, in their conflict concerning properties in the county of Tripolis. (Röhricht, 1093c / RRR, 2283 / Delaville, Cartulaire, ii, 2253, p. 576-77)

TS1240.09.00 - September, 1240, Siponti. - Johannes Celentanus de Juvenacio, iudex ac imperialis consiliarius, makes known that the Emperor has ordered him to investigate which properties the Hospitallers and Templars had in the time of King William II and which they acquired later. He orders to restitute the Templars their houses in Siponto which have been proven to be in their possession in the time of the said king, cum usufructu ex eis hoc anno precepto. (Napoli, State Archives, Dipl. XI, 969, original / Regesta Imperii, V, 2, 4, no. 13347)

TS1240.11.00 - November, 1240, Acre. - Herman de Périgord Master of the Templars to master and brethren of the Order of St Lazarus: under seal and with consent of the grand preceptor in the Kingdom of Jerusalem Bartolomeo de Moretto, the preceptor of Acre Renauld de Vichiers and other brethren he leases them a piece of land in Acre in the vicus Anglorum in Mons Musard for 15 Besants annually. (Röhricht, 1096 / RRR, 2391)

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