TS1273.01.05 - 5 January 1273, s.l. - Gerlach von Ysenburg and his wife have received 13 m. sterling from the Templars in Hoyngen and allow them to use their meadows for 400 sheep until repayment. 1272 vigilia Epiphanie. Original. (StA Koblenz / Mittelrheinische Regesten, 3, No. 2782 / edited Günther 2, 257)

TS1273.11.07 - 7 November 1273, s.l. - Fr. Martin, preceptor and proctor of the Templars in Lorraine, in an open letter: makes known that the Templars have reached a settlement with the mayor (schultheiss), judges, and community of Trier concerning the damages caused by the fortification of the town and in the interest of the citizens at the bridge inferred on wine gardens, trees, house rents and other things. Fr. Martin declares the demands satisfied by the payment of 40 pound of Tours and promises that he will ensure the ratification of the compromise by the Templar master in France until 15 August (Assumption of St Mary). 1273 feria 3. post Omnium Sanctorum. Original. (StA Trier / Mittelrheinische Regesten, 4, No. 14 / calendar Goerz, Regesten der Erzbischöfe 342)

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