TS1266.07.23 - 23 July 1266, s.l. - Count Philipp of Vianden donates the advowson for the parish church at Vianden to the Trinitarians, with the obligation to pay 60 solidi of Tours yearly from the church at Vianden to the priest at the church of Rode or to the Templars. 1266 crastino Marie Magdalene. (Mittelrheinische Regesten, 3, No. 2193 / edited Neyen, Vianden, 2, 22)

TS1267.10.23 - 23 October, 1266, Viterbo. - Pope Clement IV to Amaury de Rupe master of the Templar Houses in France: praises his compassionate support for C[harles] King of Sicily. Inc. Intelleximus quod tu. (Regesta Pontificum, II,2, 20148, p. 1623)

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