TS1248.01.28 - [28 January, 1248-27 June, 1249], Lyons. - Pope Innocent IV to brethren of the Templars in Sardinia: shall do what they are asked for. (Regesta Pontificum, II,2, 13740, p. 1138)

TS1248.02.16 - 16 February, 1248, Lyons. - Pope Innocent IV to Gaufridus de Bero former frater of the Franciscans: allows him to change to the Order of the Temple of Jerusalem. Inc. Tui qualitate status. (Regesta Pontificum, II,2, 12843, p. 1081)

TS1248.05.25 - 5 May, 1248, Lyons. - Pope Innocent IV to Master and Covent of the Knighthood of the Temple of Jerusalem: demands and admonishes them that - since certain people would try to bring the Kingdom of Jerusalem into the hands of the former Emperor Fridericus and his son Conradus - they should not permit any change in the rule over the Kingdom. Inc. Cum sicut accepimus. (Regesta Pontificum, II,2, 12943, p. 1089 / Huillard-Bréholles, Hist., VI, 624)

TS1248.07.21 - 21 July, 1248, Lyons. - Pope Innocent IV to [Jacobus] Bishop of Tusculum and papal legate: empowers him to deprive Templars, Hospitallers, Teutonic Knights, and others orders of their privileges (Regesta Pontificum, II,2, 12987, p. 1093)

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