TS1241.00.00 - 1241, --. - Ponce de Aubon, Templar, to the king of France: reports - based on a letter of the Templars in Poland to the chapter - that the Tartars have killed the Duke Henry of Poland, six Templar knights, and 500 of their men, and that the enemy has devastated everything in Hungary, Bohemia, and Austria by three armies. The kings of Bohemia and Hungary, though having received support from the duke of Poland and the patriarch of Aquileja, do not dare to attack them. In Germany, the king, the whole nobility, and the clergy have taken the cross, but he doubts if they are able to defend themselves against the Tartars. Also, the Order's masters in Bohemia, Hungary, Poland, Germany and Moravia have collected an army, but the Tartars move so fast that they can ride from Paris to Chartres in one day. (Hist. reg. Franc. cont. Paris., MGH Scriptores in Folio, 26, S. 604 / Regesta Imperii, V, 2, 4, no. 11355)

TS1241.06.05 - before 6 June, 1241, s.l. - Gregory IX confirms to have received a letter from [Herman de Périgord] the Master of the Templars who certified to have received the money from the legacy of the late papal chaplain Egidio Veragli designated for the Holy Land. (RRR, 2400 / Gregoire IX, Régistres, 3, 6050, p. 519)

*TS1241.08.00. - August, 1241, Pontoise. - King Louis IX makes known that there will have been negotiations about an agreement between the Templars and King Theobald of Navarre, Count of Champagne, concerning the properties acquired in this county especially when it is bound by feudal obligations; it has been agreed that the property already acquired will stay in the possession of the Order, but in future the brethren have to ask for consent; until the master and his council confirm this agreement, the properties in question will be put by the king under the administration of Jean de Thorote for one year; if the Templars agree, they will be transferred to the Order, if not, to the King of Navarre.

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