TS1175.00.00 - [1175], s.l. - Odo de St. Amand master of the Templars promises to pay the monastery of Mount Thabor in Acre the yearly rent of 20 byz. from the casale Norrit. (Röhricht, 535a / RRR, 950 / Delaville, Cartulaire, ii, 907, p. 30)

TS1175.00.00.a - [1175?], s.l. - Raynald de Margat confirms the donation of many casalia, properties and rights to the Templars which he gave with the consent of his wife Agnes when she was still alive, and of his sons Amalric, Manzo, and Bertrand. (Röhricht, 535b / RRR, 957)

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